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It's a Method


View samples of each Revealed Study section: Prepare, Divide, and Journal. Print off journal pages to get started today! Free printable bookmarks offer quick and easy study tips. Watch a method demonstration exploring the book of Philemon.

Image by Lubomyr Myronyuk

Revealed Bible Study



Before you begin your study, you need to PREPARE. This step walks you through gathering context and positioning your heart in prayer.


A hallmark of the Revealed method is that YOU divide the passage without using chapter and verse marks. This step walks you through reading and dividing up the passage based on the highlighted event or key concept of your section.

Journal Instructions

Each step of the journaling process gets you closer to a solid biblical interpretation of your passage. Follow each step and process your study through the principles of LIFE and LIVE outlined in these instructions.

Journal Sample

This sample is a copy of the study pages in your journal.  Each section gives you space to record your study while collecting your research and applications in one place.

Genre Guide

Knowing the kind of literature you are studying within the biblical canon is important. Different genres are read and interpreted differently. This guide gets you started.

Free Bookmark

Refresh your memory with these bookmarks and keep the principles of LIFE and LIVE right in your favorite Bible or study resource.

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