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Understand Your Bible

To understand what is revealed on the pages of the Bible, we need a solid method for study and interpretation. Revealed Bible Study was created to incorporate principles of biblical interpretation into a thorough inductive study method. The Revealed method walks you through step-by-step how to tackle any passage of Scripture using solid principals for interpretation.  The method is NOT pre-formed questions about the passage.  The method is NOT MY commentary or insights, there are no devotional thoughts or helpful illustrations.  It is a tool for you, through the Holy Spirit, to see God’s Word Revealed. 

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Revealed Bible Study: Give it a try!

Revealed Bible Study: Give it a try!

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As a church planter and ministry wife, I am passionate about teaching and spreading the Gospel of Jesus. I created these materials after years of pulling from various resources to help me navigate the marvels of God's written revelation. I pray you too will benefit from this method as you seek biblical truth. I'd love to connect with you or your small group to encourage your study.

In His Grip,

Jenn Avey

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